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Words and music

Writer Katherine Clements joined Manchester Piano Tutor in June 2017. She's a fortnightly student who weaves her piano practise and lessons in between her busy life as a historical novelist and with other writing commitments.

Katherine, who lives in Stockport, has written three novels, the latest just launched, a 17th century ghost story set on the Yorkshire moors. 'The Coffin Path' is a gothic horror tale of Scarcross Hall, a house on the old, winding coffin path that runs from the village to the top of the moor. Something evil is brooding up there. Mercy Booth, the protagonist, isn't usually afraid as this is her home. But she does start to worry when three ancient coins go missing from her father's study. She sees a shadowy figure loitering by the gatepost and has a sense of being watched. And when she takes in a stranger seeking work, it changes everything.

If you're curious to know more, you will have to buy the book. It's available in hardback and eBook, published by Headline. Her previous titles are The Silvered Heart and The Crimson Ribbon.

Katherine is also Royal Literary Fund Fellow at the University of Manchester, editor of Historia, the online magazine of the Historical Writers' Association (HWA), a member of the HWA committee and The Prime Writers.

She practises on a fully-weighted Roland FP30 and has always wanted to play the piano. 'Since becoming a full-time author I’ve been looking for a hobby that is completely new to me, and completely different from writing. Playing the piano fits the bill perfectly. The technical aspects are sometimes challenging, as is prioritising time to practise, but Diane is such a patient and encouraging teacher and I’m surprised by how much I’ve learned already. It’s a new skill that’s fast becoming truly valuable to me and, most importantly, I enjoy it!

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