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W:            - 6-9pm

Saturday: -10:00am-1.00pm

Other:      - by arrangement


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manchester piano tutor is based in east didsbury, south manchester; students come from near and far, including central Manchester, Didsbury, Heaton Moor, Bramhall, Cheadle, Gatley, Hale Barns, Timperley, Altrincham, Bowdon, Wilmslow, Macclesfield,Knutsford and even Derbyshire. 

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  • terms, holidays and punctuality
  • expecting to see you at least 36 times a year.

  • my studio is open throughout the year, so only your holidays or sick days, my holidays or bank holidays should keep you away!  

  • lessons run from the time arranged, rather than from the time you arrive, so other students won't have a delayed start.  

  • the diary is not like the hairdresser's - you cannot book for Xmas in June! We can only book at the end of your 4-week block of paid for lessons or, if you must pay weekly, at the end of the week when we know who is booked in for the following week. Things change here all the time, new students sign up, other students leave or have a break. It's impossible to know the vacancies in three weeks time. 

  • TIP: It's best not to take your introductory lesson just before having a break, or you may have to repeat the lesson when you return, or the session you want may not be available by then. We operate a first-come, first-served policy here. 

  • Booking unpaid lessons more than a week in advance doesn't seem to work for me, as it involves turning new students away and possibly finding you've changed your mind by then and cancel, or worse still, don't turn up. Of course, you wouldn't do this but I only know it because it has happened many times! 

  • cancellations and 'no shows'
  • last-minute cancellations have to be paid for. 

  • no shows: more serious! It's time for your lesson and I'm pacing the hall. Thirty minutes later, I'm still pacing. I could have put someone else in here; or been to Tesco for catfood. The cats have no dinner and I have nothing to pay for it with. And if I haven't heard from you within the next 24 hours with a reasonable explanation, I have to say 'no' to future lessons. After three weeks absence with no contact or cancellation, your chances of reaching Grade 8 before you're 50 and learning with a top piano teacher have gone.

  • if you have coughs, colds, or other infections, it's best not to come as germs last for 24 hours on surfaces and can spread throughout the practice. And you could spread it through my home and infect other students, my family and friends and worse still, me!  No use you or  your child stifling those coughs and blaming my cats for your runny eyes and nose either; I know a cold when I see and hear one. (You would be surprised how many people do this by the way!) And I might have to close down my business and you wouldn't want to be responsible for that. In any case, nobody wants to play the piano, even a Bechstein grand, when they don't feel well, do they? So don't risk being turned back at the door if you or your child are unwell. 

  • lessons can be re-arranged if I have to cancel them.  

  • business stuff
  • if you decide to go ahead with lessons, I will give you a copy of my Terms and Conditions. This is flexible if you wish to discuss them before we fill in the Contract Form, agreeing lesson times, dates and fees. We will both sign, date and keep a copy. 

  • at the next lesson, you will receive a FREE Welcome Pack containing information and tip sheets. I suggest you read these and it will save you the trouble of asking me how long you should practise for or whether I have any tips for learning the notes. It's all in there!

  • TIP: It's important to read through these documents, (not all at once if it's too much for you to take in) so that you're aware of any restrictions that apply before they take place. Then you won't be penalised for forgetting to bring or transfer fees before the lesson; coming with colds and coughs; missing lessons without notice; spilling diet Coke on the settee; leaving inky fingermarks on the Bechstein or being unkind to your teacher and other misdemeanours!  (Despite warnings, people still don't read the T&Cs that they have signed a legally-binding document for! Students still play over me while I'm teaching them and today's freedom children still give cheek unchecked by mother whose head is buried in her mobile on the settee.)

Grade 5 student    
James, Grade 5 student at Manchester Piano Tutor
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Tutor Diane Paul 
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