Promising spring exams

I don't enter many students for exams, mainly because I specialise in adults who don't wish to do them but also because it's important my students have reached the playing level of the exams they're taking. I hear all too many stories of poor results and failures from students elsewhere who weren't ready for the exam they took. And what is the point of passing an exam, even with a high mark, if you can't play at that level in reality? Congratulations to the first of my current exam students who took their exams this month. Adult student, James Bell is studying for Grade 5, which he hopes to enter in the summer. But first, James decided he would go back to Grade 1, which he passed before comi

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 Manchester Piano Tutor and Write Words Editorial are based in east Didsbury, south Manchester.

Clients come from near and far normally but during the coronavirus crisis, piano students learn online on Skype in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

Online lessons are available to students anywhere in the UK and abroad.

Write Words Editorial clients continue to contact us by phone and email. 



You are welcome to join us!

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