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what my lovely students say

Ying Dong - Hale Barns

I’ve been taught here for over 7 years now, and honestly I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Diane has helped me from Grade 1 all the way to Grade 6 with all distinctions, and I’m really grateful for it. I’m currently doing my Grade 8, and I’m hoping to get another distinction.' (He did do!) 'A brilliant piano teacher, definitely worth 5 stars!

James Bell - Didsbury

Brilliant, friendly teacher! I've been going for lessons at Manchester Piano Tutor for four years now. By far the best and most professional tutor I have ever had. I started barely being able to play anything and am now on way to Grade 5. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Mark- Denton

Mark was a newcomer at MPT just before we went online. By the end of the year, he had passed his Grade 1 exam with a Distinction. He says: 'The main positives of learning online for me are being able to use my own piano, which I'm more comfortable using. Being able to practise before the lesson helps me get more out of it as I've warmed up beforehand, I can focus better during the lesson and continue without interruption afterwards. Not having to travel to and from is very convenient. Most importantly, it's the same invaluable advice/teaching as the in-person lessons.

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